Primăria Făget Timiș county

Geographical data


Town Faget is situated in the South-East of the country, on the banks Bega river, at the intersection of the parallel of 45o 51’30" northern latitude with the meridian of 22o 10’30" eastern longitude.Settled in the east of Timis county , the Town is neighbored in the north by Arad county, in the East by the communes : Margina, Curtea, Tomesti, in the South by Fardea, and in the West by Dumbrava, Manastiur , and Ohaba Lunga communes.Between Faget and Lugoj city , situated in the west , there is a distance of 33 km, the connection being made on the National Road 68 A. The same road to East connects the town to Deva city, which lies at a distance of 68 km. The railway Lugoj-Faget-Ilia, given to use on September 17, 1898, connects Timis Valley to Mures Valley.

From a physico-geographical point of view, the area of town is situated in Faget Depression, formed along of a tectonic dislocation which is continued in Banat Plain, and is emphasized by the subsidence areas, at a height between 150,7 and 160 meters.

The outside built-over areas are extended towards North, on the southern sector of Lipova Hills. Towards south and south-east, heights have values of 168 meters , the outside built-over areas being extended over the inferior terraces of Beghei by which they are connected to Lugoj Hills, that are peripherical to Poiana Rusca Mountains.